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Roverdose's supercharged KV6

(04/03/2008) Roverdose is now a Sprintex retailer. I bought myself a supercharger for my own MG ZS180 to fit and test.

Update 09/04/2008. its been a while but i have eventually fitted the supercharger to my ZS180.

The kit fitted very well, only problem i had is the supplied case for the piggyback is a bit too big to fit anywhere and look good. i will make something that looks a lot better.

Thats it really!

I'm using the supplied piggyback for the moment, which does a perfectly good job. i will be looking into modifying the std ecu in the future.

So, pics..

You may see the charger cover does rub on the sound deadening material, i may look at some small spacers for the back of the bonnet to lift it slightly. Although you may also notice the original power steering pipe also rubs on the sound deadening!

I re-routed the throttle cable so it no longer runs over the top of the charger.

Power.. needs a little more development



I have gained 35bhp, but i dont feel its enough just yet.

Drives very well, no issues so far. it does need to be driven differently as i have lost a chunk of torque where ive got used to driving.

Update 18/04/08. Changed a few bits round, fitted a BMC enclosed filter, didn't find anymore boost.....yet.

BMC made a useful gain in torque though.

More updates to follow.


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