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engine components to built engines, Roverdose has the solution!

Piper Cams are used by the majority of champions at all levels of motorsport. Lessons learnt here influence our designs in all other areas - including Fast Road.

• Extensive database of profiles allowing a perfect match to be made with your requirements.

• Very stringent quality control systems are in place to ensure that you get the ultimate reliability.

• We do not copy - we originate.

T & M series  N/A 270o hydraulic       £199.56pr       (Re-profiled originals. Exchange)
T & M series  N/A 270o mechanical
    £199.56pr       (Re-profiled originals. Exchange)
T & M series  N/A 285o mechanical 
  £199.56pr       (Re-profiled originals. Exchange) 

T & M series  Turbo 270o hydraulic     £199.56pr       (Re-profiled originals. Exchange)
T & M series  Turbo 270o mechanical
 £199.56pr       (Re-profiled originals. Exchange)
T & M series  Turbo 285o mechanical
 £199.56pr       (Re-profiled originals. Exchange) 

T & M series  Turbo or N/A mechanical billet cams. any spec. high BHP available.  £725pr


Mechanical followers (set of 16)  £301.27
Shims for mechanical followers   £47.00
  T series single valve springs            £104.44  (set of 16)
  T series race double valve springs  £156.51 (
set of 16)

T series Steel spring caps          £57.58  
(set of 16, double valve springs only)
T series Titanium spring caps  £219.96
(set of 16, double valve springs only)



Vernier pulleys
To obtain maximum power from your Piper camshaft,
it may be necessary to fit one of our vernier pulleys.
These ultra light dural units allow for simple, quick adjustment and the graded scale etched into the pulley allows you to be advancing or retarding cam timing will affect the torque/power characteristics of the engine. 

M & T series
Red and Blue anodised   £165
Grey hard anodised  £170


Big Valves 

T series 34.5mm inlets 214N stainless     £176.60  (set of 8, needs new valve seats) 
T series 30.5mm exhaust 214N stainless £248.16  (set of 8, fits std seats)
T series 31mm exhaust 214N stainless 
   £248.16  (set of 8, needs new valve seats)
T series 32mm exhaust 214N stainless 
   £248.16  (set of 8, needs new valve seats)

T-series collets  £20.68
(set of 32)



Full port / polish and flow bench, new guides, valve seats and time-sert exhaust manifold threads. price dependant on full spec, from £500.


Accralite forged pistons

Forged T series pistons made to fit std rods.  84.5, 85 and 86mm bore sizes available. 

Supplied complete with rings, pins and circlips chosen to suit the piston’s application and are boxed in weighed sets.  £500 set of 4.

Piston coatings are also available on request.

JE Pistons

Want to build something a bit different? JE can make your dreams come true.

forged pistons  any spec, any bore size £500.00 





Farndon Engineering

Farndon High Strength connecting rods are available in 'H' or 'I' profiles in forged or fully machined styles. All Farndon Con Rods are fully Crack Tested prior to shipping.

Forged steel rods  £900.00  (set of 4)


Arrow Precision

Forged Steel connecting rods manufactured by Arrow Precision are anything but 'standard'. They will out-last those of the competition and out-perform them as well, representing excellent value for money. Arrow Precision Engineering designs strength in, paying attention to the details: the only way to get a lightweight, robust rod and real quality.

Manufactured from the highest quality steel, specified and purchased by us, from mills in the UK. Vacuum de-gassed nickel chrome alloy steel (Double-air-melt) has a very low sulphur content, .025%, which means fewer inclusions and faults. When forged, imperfections are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Forged steel connecting rods £1200 (set of 4)


Forged steel crank  £1350

Top quality steel crank made in the UK.

Short stroke 1900 to long stroke 2.2 cranks have been designed and built by Roverdose Motorsport.




On a diet? save 1.3kg !! on this lightweight Aluminium bottom pulley.

Designed for non air-con cars these pulleys not only look great but save weight over the standard steel pulley.

Only recommended for new build engines that can be dynamically balanced with this pulley included.

aluminium (silver) £95 +£25 red or blue anodising (other colours are available)

Forged Aluminium flywheel weighs in at an amazing 4kg! (standard flywheel is 10Kg)

includes new ring gear, clutch dowels and clutch cover bolts £400 (std 228mm clutch or  7.1/4" fittings)



Helix Clutches

228mm Uprated clutch cover and organic plate £375
228mm Heavy duty clutch cover and organic plate £425
228mm Heavy duty cover and ceremetalic plate £475


Head studs. high torque, better clamping, reusable. £125 set of 10
Mains studs. high load capabilities. £95 set of 10

Flywheel bolts. high strength bolts for flywheel to crank connection.  £31 set of 6

Block re-bore  £1
20.00 up to 87.5mm bore !!
Piston fit to rods £25 (set of 4)

Genuine Rover T-series bearings, gaskets and bolts available.


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